Welcome to the Thanh Hoa FPW!

July 16, 2009

The Thanh Hoa Fund for Poor Women, formerly the Thanh Hoa Microfinance Program, works to provide credit to women and their families in the central Vietnamese province of Thanh Hoa. Since it began in 1998, the program has provided over $5 million in loans to more than 90,000 clients, helping to lift thousands of families out of poverty.

As a partner of the Thanh Hoa Women’s Union, a socio-political organization dedicated to the empowerment of women, the program seeks to alleviate poverty through the sustainable and professional delivery of microfinance.

To learn more about the Thanh Hoa Fund for Poor Women, the lending and savings products it provides, its impact on the community, and its international and domestic partnerships, please click one of the links to the right.